Friday, 23 May 2014

How Can I Learn Quran: An Overview

Quran is famous religious text of Islam and its importance for Muslims cannot be described. Muslims believe that Quran is verbally revealed by the angel Gabriel from God and the text written in this is a guide of divinity and help one on how one should be directed to the life. They believe that book has divine guidance and direction for humanity and also has solutions for every problem irrespective of how complex they may be. The book comprises of 114 chapters, each known as sura and each chapter is formed from various verses, popularly known as ayat.
The translation of Quran is available in different languages to make it easier for people to learn but according to the Muslim historical experts and the followers of the faith, the Classic Arabic text Quran is the real one and the true version of the book. It's every Muslim's dream to learn their holy book, the Quran in its original Arabic language and if you are one of them who wish to learn it except your native language, various options are available for you.
One of the easiest ways to learn this holy book is through online. Yes, you can easily learn Quran in Arabic language through online tools available on internet. The first thing you need to do is to search out a good site which is recommended by various peoples, you can check any site's recommendation in their testimonials and consumer forums as well. Once you got your site, download the charts of Arabic alphabets to recognize each alphabet carefully, so that you can understand the text of the book too. If you will take out print of them, it's well good for you as then you can keep them for reference to learn anytime.
Keep a notebook and practicing each alphabet and try to pronounce it clearly. Most of the sites will provide you a listening feature to improve your pronunciation and try to read it loudly. Practice Arabic reading and writing as much as you can, until you become proficient in reading it and don't be irritate if you don't understand it, keep alphabetical chart with you for reference. If you try to learn entire sura at once, then it's really difficult for you, so try to learn a little at a time and memorize it time to time to keep it remember.
Several sites provide online projects which has the entire Quran online in English and Arabic side by side, so it's beneficial for you to learn first in English and then try to convert it in Arabic language. Listen the book in Arabic language online and try to speak with it, repeat the same activity until you are proficient to pronounce each word in Arabic language.
Practice helps a lot in every task, so write some verses and keep it with you and whenever you have time, read it and memorize it several times in a day. Once you completed with first sura, then come on second one and so on and learn all suras in similar way, until you become proficient in Quran.

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